O My dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of
the stairs, let Me see your face, let Me hear your voice;
for your voice is sweet, and your face is beautiful.
(Song of Songs 2:14, ModernKJV)
Annette M. Irby
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"As a lover of romance, nothing is more romantic to me than a love story between two people married to
each other. And in her tender and touching novella Love Letters, Annette Irby fans the embers of Randy and
Jordan Ambrose's lukewarm marriage into a flame that's sure to keep the home fires burning for a long time
to come. With easy prose, natural dialogue and a plot certain to resonate with romance lovers married or not,
Love Letters is a poignant glimpse into a marriage rekindled and hearts restored. A beautiful story!" ~
, author the "Daughters of Boston" series.

"Readers who want more than fluff will relate to Jordan and Randy Ambrose as they struggle to break the
chains of silence imposed by years of fear and find the joy God intended when He created marriage between
man and woman."
~ Colleen Reece

I enjoyed Love Letters. I have always liked reading romances that involved already married people, but this
one was special in that the conflict was so believable as was the way the couple handled things. They pulled
away until they weren't sure they wanted to have much to do with each other anymore. Especially the wife.
When the husband reaches out his wife challenges him, but with good reason. And the hero's response was
very well done. The fire involved in that scene was smokin', btw. I loved it! I think most married people have
felt like the hero and heroine at one time or another like they did in Love Letters and for that reason I highly
recommend the story. Plus, I liked the way it was written. Couples struggling with relationship problems
might acquire some insight and motivation to resolve their differences before they get worse. Plus, it's heavily
romantic without being sappy…. The storyline sizzled and the emotion was well done. I would read other
books by this author.
~Michelle Sutton

"Love Letters is a heartfelt story about a couple who have lost their ability to communicate. I loved the
characters and how they react to each other. I recommend Love Letters… Heartwarming. Uplifting. Helpful.
~Birdie Etchison

"Your book was a joy to read and I love-love-loved the story! You did a great job with the emotion. As
[author] Randy Ingermanson always says "it's all about the Powerful Emotional Experience" - and you nailed it!
I felt sick along with Jordan, and she immediately had my sympathy. But you also did a fantastic job of helping
us not to gang up on Randy as the bad guy - and showed there really are two sides to every story!!!"
~ Betsy
Ann St. Amant

It's not difficult to find a book that tells the story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, and they live
happily ever after. But, how often do you come across a story about a man and woman secretly wishing for
romance and love in their own marriage?

Annette M. Irby has captured truth and beauty in the fragile relationship of such a couple. Randy and Jordan
have been married for ten years, but instead of building a bridge between each other, they've each erected
their own wall out of fear and insecurity. It's only when one of them is willing to risk, does the fortress begin
to crumble.

The desire for intimacy and the ability to share one's heart shouldn't end at the altar. We need more stories
that convey and encourage romance after the wedding is over. Cheers for Annette Irby.
~ Dawn Kinzer
Copyright 2007-11 Annette M. Irby
Reviews for Love Letters:
Jordan Ambrose is looking for passion. From
her husband. And, as Randy Ambrose will
tell you, she's great at pushing his buttons.
The problem? He's hiding out from intense
emotions, like passion. So their love life is
lackluster. Well, except for those letters.

Jordan discovered a box of love letters in her
husband's home-office closet. Why doesn't he
act like the "R" from the letters, so clearly
written to "J"? If she can drag him away from
his writing desk, they can talk about it. But
will Randy stop hiding and love with